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The Doo Dog on KOMO 4 News

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We’re so happy to post this clip of KOMO 4’s First News at Four, featuring the Doo Dog poop bag dispenser alongside other sustainable pet products. King County’s Eco-Consumer Tom Watson knows that our pets can impact the environment too. Luckily there are ways to do right by our planet and look good while you do it!

As much as we loved our fifteen minutes of fame, Kathy the therapy dog from Project Canine really stole the show. Project Canine offers therapy dog training and certification around the Puget Sound. The Snuffle Mat also made a great debut. Here at Doo Dog we love all things, DIY, recycled and upcycled so the Snuffle Mat looks like loads of fun!

Check out the clip below. The Doo Dog is mentioned at 3:10.

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