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Preserving our planet

From the start we were committed to finding environmentally responsible materials for the Doo Dog. We looked at eco-friendly fabric options like organic cotton, hemp, and recycled seatbelts. Ultimately we landed on bamboo fabric as a sustainable, sturdy and stylish choice. We also make a conscious effort to source buttons from natural materials (most are wood) and all our labels are organic cotton twill.

Why bamboo fabric?anotherbamboocircle.png

As the world’s fastest growing plant bamboo is an amazing renewable resource. It’s so hardy it grows easily without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. During harvest the root system remains intact, reducing soil erosion and allowing the plant to regenerate quickly. The result is a sustainable raw material that is almost always organic. For all these reasons and more bamboo has taken the world by storm, showing up in everything from floors to clothing.

...but bamboo isn't perfect

As bamboo’s popularity exploded so did the misinformation about its properties. While raw bamboo is both antibacterial and biodegradable it loses those qualities when it’s processed into fabric. Sadly, fabric processing uses harsh chemicals regardless of the fiber you’re starting with. Ultimately, the net benefit of bamboo fabric is all about the raw material since growing and harvesting bamboo is far more eco-friendly than common alternatives like cotton or petroleum-based synthetics. Misinformation about bamboo textiles has become so pervasive that the FTC actually published an article on the topic.


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